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Sewage Cleanup

emergency flood services panama city beachFew problems are bigger and more difficult to clean than sewage damage. It can cause irreparable damage to furniture, carpet and personal items, especially the longer it sits, so call the professional technicians at Drymasters Restoration immediately for sewage removal and cleanup! Let us help you clean up and remove the sewage damage in your St. Louis home or office.

Sewage carries;

• Bacteria
• Viruses
• Fungi

In addition, sewage leaks can result in mold problems if it sits for longer than 24 hours. This makes it dangerous and extremely devastating to a home or business. Sewage flooding is often caused by clogged or root damaged sewage pipes, or busted septic tanks. The pipes can become clogged because of excess rain and severe weather flooding, or in commercial buildings because of high usage. The sewage can flood your yard and home or business at an alarming rate and seep into porous materials, soak absorbent materials and damage electronics.

Don’t wait! Call Drymasters Restoration immediately to remove sewage, water, and damaged materials. We want to get your life and business back on track and prevent disease and further damage that can be caused by sitting sewage. We want to get your life and business on track, prevent illnesses and further damage that can. We will remove irreparably damaged materials, and move undamaged materials to a safe area while we are cleaning hard floors.

Drymasters Restoration will use professional cleaning methods on a case by case basis depending on what has been damaged and the extent of the damage. Each client will be given unique and thorough care to ensure their problem is fixed and their life is returned to normal.

Call Drymasters Restoration in St. Louis, Missouri to schedule a house call and get a quote now!

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