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shutterstock_298482083When it comes to property damage, it is important to try to salvage as much as possible. While there may have been severe damage to the floor, ceiling or walls, there is still an opportunity to save furniture or other accessories on the property. The way to do this is to remove these items and store them away from the damage, also called a packout. This process is especially important when dealing with large complexes, such as a condominium community. If you have experienced some damage to your property, but are looking to salvage as much as possible, Drymasters Restoration in St. Louis, MIssouri is the company to call.

Our professional staff understand how difficult it can be when a property is damaged. On top of the physical damage to the property, there is also a great deal of emotional damage that comes from losing personal items. For this reason, we do all we can to save whatever we can.

In the case of a packout, our technicians will come in and begin packing up all the belongings. Depending on the severity of the damage to the property, these belongings are either stored in a different area of the property or stored off location. Once the personal items have been removed, our technicians will begin work cleaning and restoring the property. After the property has been fixed, we will bring the personal items back.

In most cases, property owners assume that everything must be thrown away after a flood or a broken pipe. That isn’t the case the majority of the time though. Before you call the insurance company or rent a dumpster, give us a call at Drymasters Restoration.

Besides giving homeowners an opportunity to salvage their personal items, we can also save commercial property owners from having to throw away everything. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on brand new furniture and accessories. Contact our team of professionals at Drymasters Restoration in St. Louis to see if a packout is the right choice for you.



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